Sunday, November 21, 2010

Musical Medicine

"Ich bin das Fleisch das stets bejaht."
(German: 'I am the flesh that always affirms' - from a letter by
James Joyce describing his Molly Bloom character.)

As a follow-up to the cloudy, dismal atmosphere of my last post, here is some of the therapeutic music that I've found seems to speak strongest to me during these times and "crack open a winter sky" to bring some light through.

The frantic stress and frustration of being caught in the tarantula web of this suffocating world and one's reaction to it is urgently and emotionally expressed by Kevlaar 7 in his track "Tarantula's Web" produced by Bronze Nazareth.

The adrenaline and rapid heartbeat slows a bit from there into the more calm and controlled, yet still revolutionarily militant march pace of "Unbutton Ya Holsters" by Kevlaar 7 produced by Woodenchainz. Actually, Kevlaar's whole "Unbutton Ya Holsters" mixtape has been a great way to mollify my panic and stress.
Once I've calmed down, the slow pace of "Suicide Watch" and "Boulevard Article" sounds perfect.

Suicide Watch - Kevlaar 7 featuring Merc Versus and Illah Dayz (prod by Woodenchainz)

Boulevard Article - Kevlaar 7

And, lastly, the poignant guitar twings and smooth brooding chorus of "Days Chasing Days" by San Diego's own Blame One has been the soundtrack to my Saturday.

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