Saturday, July 17, 2010

First thoughts after seeing "Inception"

So I saw the film tonight and was pretty blown away just like everybody else.

It's about as good a movie-watching experience as you can have but it's definitely demanding on the viewer. One has to try to figure out and keep up with the complexities of the narrative at a pretty rapid speed. Even without understanding every detail and how some major aspects of the story link together though, you'll understand well enough to be sucked into the action.

I think INCEPTION as a title has many meanings, one of which is that the film itself is planting the idea inside the viewer's mind that everything is not what it seems. Reality is perhaps not so real, everything is just being crafted by us at the same time as we observe it. (This is the basis of quantum physics.)

I'll undoubtedly have a ton more to say about the film and I will be seeing it many more times but for now, I'm gonna try to regain my grip on (what I think is) the waking state. Sunday is my birthday.

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