Saturday, September 4, 2010

Script for Inception now available in book form

I've already written a few posts here gushing about the movie Inception and, depending on how well I hone my writing skills between now and next year, I'm planning on writing a little collection of essays exploring some of the themes, elements, and possible interpretations of the movie. Thanks to my brother John, who usually has his ear to the pulse of these types of things, I've found a new book that will undoubtedly help me in that endeavor.

The book is Inception: The Shooting Script and you can read all about it here. It has the full movie script as well as an interview between Christopher Nolan and his brother, Nolan's own notes which he jotted down in the script, and numerous diagrams, storyboards and concept art. I've ordered it on Amazon already but it says I may not receive it for a month or two. When I do get it, you can bet that I'll have plenty to say about it. I've already seen the film four times in theaters and was all ready to see it a fifth time last week with my girlfriend and her dad but the drive-in movie (yes, they do still exist and they're very cool) we went to wasn't showing it. We settled on The Other Guys, a title that in retrospect seems perfectly apt.

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