Monday, August 1, 2011

Sublime Poetry

A recent piece in The Guardian by Carol Birch provides a short but beautifully accurate summation of the art of James Joyce, particularly Finnegans Wake. Here's a sample:
The Wake invokes death and the dying of the light with some of the most sublime poetry in the English language. It is almost unbelievable, a madly audacious and impossible work, and I can understand why some people hate it. But for me it's like falling in love with reading all over again.
And here is a cool video with a reading of a selection from the Cyclops episode (pg 301-302) of Ulysses.

My next post, which will appear shortly, will be my last foray into Joyce for a little while as I am taking a break from his works to spend the month of August writing mostly about music. After that, I will be plunging right back into Joyce with a full, thorough explication of Ulysses.

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