Saturday, October 30, 2010

(Finnegans) Wake in Progress

Just discovered an awesome (relatively new) website, one of the most impressive and coolest things I've seen on the interwebs in quite some time. A very talented graphic artist named Stephen Crowe is posting illustrations of pages from Finnegans Wake. The illustrations range in style just like the book does and the visuals hold multiple meanings and interpretations but so often he chose such stunningly perfect (and creative) ways to illustrate the puzzley dreambook's sentences like this one for Bygmester Finnegan's fall:

And then there's this beauty which I think perfectly captures the whole essence of the Wake:

This last one is my favorite and the most impressive one he's done so far, from page 7 of the Wake.

I recommend you check it out and if you've never heard or read about Finnegans Wake, check out his 'About' page as he very briefly sums it up pretty well.

I'm in love with this stuff and I hope he makes them available in purchasable prints soon.

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Should also mention that I found another (relatively) new Joyce-focused blog with a cool name (taken from Ulysses). This post made me very happy; apparently there's a Finnegans Wake quote beautifully tiled into a wall in a Manhattan subway station.

 *   *   *
And to conclude, a beautiful musical poem with Wake-esque elements:

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