Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Kevlaar 7 single "Glorious Chemist" (produced by Bronze Nazareth)

First single off the upcoming album A Beautiful Soul from the late Kevlaar 7, fully produced by his brother Bronze Nazareth.

"I hear fury on mandolins/ Can I live?"

Full album to be released on Kevlaar's birthday, May 27th.

This is the story told by a raw, hardened, remarkable voice, wailing away with pain. Part of the morbid appeal of 'A Beautiful Soul' is that Kevlaar 7 sounds like he’s aware his time is short. It’s deeply unsettling, listening to someone who would transition in the midst of recording. This unearths the true tragedy: Unlike his first solo albums and his work with The Wisemen, on A Beautiful Soul, for the first time, Kevlaar was teaming with Bronze Nazareth on production, and performing material that he, and no one else, wanted to record. He never sounded so free.

RIP to the Legend K7.

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