Saturday, December 3, 2011

Near to the heart of will and striving

Violin string-strummed spirals
Miles in the millions, solar system sphere music.
Improvement of my temperament through diametric spear movements
Near to the heart of will and striving
omnipresent in kinetics while still aligning
spiderweb linked grid thread jingling
sphere-headed being dreaming sun-drenched wave glistenings.

Listening for the next vibecrest to carry me beyond
Along for the ride headphones and sonar sonic bombs.
Hominids travel above abyss and listen to bright psalms
Near to the heart of will and striving
alone and still in the midst of moving mobs.
Wirestrung wig connects, check the line for a break
Four-sided square surrounding, asleep and dreaming of awake.

Break the bond of past mistakes,
whirlwind spin the compass
Make up new creations
and aim again for the wonders.

- PQ 12/3/11 11:23 PM

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