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*Finnegans, Wake!*
My other blog, featuring book reviews, textual analysis, and other ephemera related to James Joyce's phantasmagoric masterpiece Finnegans Wake.

in the James Joyce Quarterly, Vol. 57.3-4 

Waywords & Meansigns (audio book chapter of FW Ch. III.3 "Yawn Under Inquest")
Project putting Finnegans Wake to music featuring artists & musicians from around the globe. I contributed to the first edition, track 15, a three-hour rendition of the chapter "Yawn Under Inquest" (with production from Jake Reading and myself, additional vocals from Melba Martinez and Evan James).
Waywords & Meansigns Artist Page
Audio of Yawn Chapter (Track 15)
Description of the experience, "Yawn Wails"

Interview with Tom Jackson and Steve Fly Agaric at
Interview with Tom Jackson describing experience of "Waywords & Meansigns" recording along with Steve Fly Agaric.

Interview with Gerry Fialka of Venice Wake
Heavy Thoughts on Great Questions audio interview with my friend Gerry Fialka, media ecologist, writer, lecturer, interview vet, and leader of the Venice Finnegans Wake/Marshall McLuhan Reading Group that inspired my Austin Finnegans Wake Reading Group.

Hip hop articles for Hip Hop Golden Age:

Who Got the Camera? By Kevlaar 7 & Bronze Nazareth: A Lyrical Breakdown

Album Review: The Interstellar Corridors of Killah Priest's Rocket to Nebula 

Hip hop album reviews for Slant Magazine:

Kevlaar 7 - Who Got the Camera?

Bronze Nazareth - School for the Blindman

JJ DOOM - Key to the Kuffs

Masta Killa - Selling My Soul

Amazin' Avenue (Mets blog)

On Sandy Alderson assembling a decent bullpen (2014)

On Johan Santana's No-Hitter Exorcising the Demons of Cardinals & Carlos Beltran (2014)

Athletics Nation (Oakland A's blog)

A's Slow Start to 2016

A's All-Around Suckitude (2016)

Guest columns about the NY Mets at current Fangraphs writer Jay Jaffe's OG baseball blog "Futility Infielder"

Assessing the Mets 2005 Offseason Moves (Part 1)

Assessing the Mets 2005 Offseason Moves (Part 2)

Report on Game 2 of the 2006 NLCS

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