Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Light is Provided..."

"Light is provided through sparks of energy
from the mind
that travel in rhyme form

givin' sight to the blind
the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum
death, only one can save self from..."

- Masta Killa, the 9th lyrical swordsman of the Wu-Tang Clan

My plans for this blog as we head towards the month of August include a lengthy foray into the music sphere, mainly through hip hop (and specifically my hometown favorites, Wu-Tang and their enormous tree of influences). This will most likely include a few album reviews, lyrical analyses, and some general pieces on music and the vast world of audio art.

Prior to that, expect a piece on baseball (which has exploded with interesting occurrences lately) and a huge, huge post on James Joyce. But once August hits, the turntables begin to spin.

Here's an old track featuring my personal favorite trio out of the "nine-diagram phoenix": Masta Killa, Rza, and Gza.

"I'm a slave to the rhythm, but never to a mental-deafening power"
- Masta Killa

"What's the square miles of the planet?
why is the axis slanted?
how much is covered by water, how much is granite?

True I Master Equality, godbody be flowing like the chi energy inside ya artery"
- The Rza

"Walk around b-boys, DJs, emcees
through RAP, never thinking airwaves or TV
it was strictly
all about
- The Gza/Genius

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