Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Arrival

After 5 days of moving we have finally arrived safely in Austin, Texas. This morning we signed an application for an apartment before our realtor (Stacey with Rock-n-Roll Realty) bought us lunch and then drove us around the entire city, giving us a full tour of everything. For free.

The trip over here was a little crazy, we had to slowly roll through a major blizzard in New Mexico that left barely any visibility on the roads, and my girlfriend and I have both gotten sick with flu-like symptoms but we made it.

I haven't written anything anywhere in almost a week and haven't really had time to read so my head is a bit hazy. Haven't even kept up with any of the sporting events. Really, ever since last Saturday, everything has just zoomed by in a flash. I'm still trying to gather in my mind everything that happened.

We definitely did not sufficiently pack or prepare for the move and so the hours leading up to the moving truck's arrival were crazy. Once the movers arrived, the craziness shot into hyperdrive. We ended up giving tons of stuff to my neighbors because it wouldn't fit in my car and didn't make sense to shove in a box and throw in the moving truck. There are plenty of belongings whose whereabouts is a bit of a mystery right now. I only brought one little suitcase for the road trip and prepared enough clothes for three days so I've been wearing dirty clothes for a couple days.

But we're here. That's what matters.

We'll find out tomorrow if we got the apartment and then we'll hopefully be in there right away. Once settled in, I can start sharing the chronicles of my week's journey. Until then, we'll be trying to stay warm (it's 20 degrees outside!) and ditch these colds.

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